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Do you know that you can be using your laptop to create AND make a living from it?

Are you aware that creating a website is something you can do in ONE day. (even shorter) And there are people who will gladly pay you to do it for them?

What if I said you can bootstrap the whole setup right now. Today.

Which means that you pick and chose from FREE tools and off-the-shelf software to have a lucrative Freelance business and live the nomad lifestyle.

Quit your shit-job.

Drop out of school if it sucks. Pack your suitcase and bring your laptop!

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Freelance girl traveling

A crazy lady wanted to kill me – I quit my job

It’s a true story, among others I have experienced at my last job. 

But let go back in time and explain why I can’t have a job. Or even waste my time as an employee and ditch my freedom.

I don’t fit into the convensional script of living a life!

My childhood sucked. After moving 32 times, loosing contact with my brother and sister, and watching my mother die of alcohol and cancer, I finally got rid of my stepfather number 5.

At least I had my dog when I, for the first time, moved into my own place. A scary old house on the country side. At that time, I started practicing Taekwon-Do as Martial Arts. After 17 years it did wonders to my character and lifestyle.

I got support to join some private Multimeida Design education. The school sucked. I knew more than many of the teachers at times, so I went by my own ways. Which ended up me getting my own office at the school. They failed hard and had to shut down.

So, I decided to get my own jobs building websites.

I also moved into training my mindset, deeper knowledge, and more of life mysteries. 

John Mac

I had a job at a local hotel for 5 years to support myself. Just to survie. Not a place for me to me. And after a crazy lady who escaped the asylumn wanted to kill me in the hotell lobby one day, I quit. She didn’t scare me. I just had enough of humans.

Onward, I focused on keeping my freedom and create an income to support my dreams instead of a mindless boss.

And so it began.

The No-Code Web Designer Way

I love sitting in coffee shops and make websites. It’s such wonderful freedom. While I’m drinking coffee I get paid from clients all around the world. And most of the tools I use are free, and you can start using them too.

I should also let you know that a long list of my clients pay me on auto-billing every month. (I teach you how to set this up in my coaching)

Do you know how to use Facebook you can built websites!

And the best part is, the days are over with coding and the need for a fancy design education.

The No-Code reality is the new way of building stuff online.

If you have a laptop or home computer and a desk to sit at (Or cafe), you’re ready to learn how to get paid making your first website.

Here’s how it works.

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