The Affiliate Book
Book about how to make affiliate income
Grow your passive income

How to recieve monthly recurring payments by doing very little work…

As a beginner Web Designer or other Freelancer, there are hundreds of well-paying recurring and passive income streams that will grow your monthly income.

In this e-book, I will show you the exact method I use and what sources I earn from. You will also get my 11 top affiliate programs every Web Designer (or other freelancers) should earn money from.


What do you get?

First of all, the methods and resources in this book will help you grow your overall income.

  • Discover how you will be earning recurring income by working online
  • Copy my workflow to built passive income every month
  • Plug right into my 11 top affiliate programs today
  • Plug right into my 11 top affiliate programs today
  • No time consuming work - Just a simple habit to stabilize your income.

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The Author

John Mac is an online entrepreneur and mindset coach from Norway, working clients worldwide. He is a Web Designer and systems thinker, specialized in Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder for WordPress. He is also a Shopify Expert and Partner.

John Mac

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