How to recieve monthly recurring payments by doing very little work…

You are most likely NOT getting paid from the income sources presented in this short ebook. So, it‘s a must-read if you to grow your passive income. 

Q: How much passive income do you think you could be missing out on every month?

As a beginner Web Designer or other Freelancer, there are hundreds of well-paying recurring and passive income streams that can raise your monthly Freelance income.

In my new eBook I’m you’ll get the crash-course that makes you want this extra income. You’ll also get my 11 top affiliate programs every Web Designer (or other freelancers) should make money from.

Affiliate programs for Web Designers
Affiliate ebook for beginners

Discover how you will be earning recurring income by working online


Copy my workflow to built passive income every month


Plug right into my 11 top affiliate programs today


Plug right into my 11 top affiliate programs today


No time consuming work - Just a simple habit to stabilize your income

Your Ticket to More Freedom

Beginners and established Freelancers I have talked to basically lose money every month. Why?

Because they don’t benefit from this simple practice and easy workflow to start growing their recurring monthly income!

You shouldn’t only get paid per client project. As a Web Designer or other type of Freelancer, growing a recurring passive income is part of the financial growth to freedom that you seek.

What’s the difference between the two books?

My two books complement each other and are important for people who seek new ways of making money by working from home or while traveling. My main book teach you how to become a freelance Web Designer. My affiliate book will teach you how to make recurring and passive income long-term.

The 5-Figure Web Designer book

"A Web Design Side Hustle" - Learn how to built websites

This book includes my 7-Day Email Course with lots of resources.. Learn how to make a good income creating websites. Even with no design skills or coding experience. (You don’t need it).

Affiliate programs for Web Designers

"A Web Designers Playbook to Recurring Passive Income"

Most beginner Freelancers only get paid per job. But there are other very important income sources. This book will teach you the basics of being an affiliate and make recurring income by sharing your affiliate links. The book also gives you my 11 top recommended affiliate programs you should make an income from.

Hey, I’m John Mac

I’m having fun doing Web Design projects around the world and serve my regular monthly clients. But I focus more on my consulting and mindset coaching to help people become independent, free, and to grow their income.

One important mission is to teach people who want to break out of the 9-5, limiting lifestyle’s and dream of a life of freedom and travel, how to work online as Freelancers and Digital Nomads.

Creating websites is one of the easiest ways to start.

John Mac - Web Designer