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Articles on Web Design, online business, and freelancing.

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Learning Web Design is one of the easiest ways to start building an extra income for yourself. In many of these articles, you'll discover how to get started building websites. Plus tips on tools, apps, and advice for beginner freelancers.

The Best WordPress Localhost App

The Best App for WordPress on your computer

I remember the first journey to Thailand with my girlfriend in 2019, I was looking forward to doing some creative website work on the plane down. I know the airliner, Norwegian, brag about having Wifi available. But it’s useless. So I installed a local server on my laptop. That sucked too. But I have finally found the best WordPress localhost app with a productive workflow to create websites without an Internet connection.

A simple cart plugin for WordPress

11 Premium Features in This ONE Simple Cart Plugin for WordPress

When you start building websites, you will sooner or later have to create a WordPress setup for a client that wants to sell a product online. Then you wonder how to use a simple cart plugin for WordPress that will look good and have a simple workflow. I have just discovered the slickest self-hosted payment plugin for WordPress to do just this.

How to earn passive income for Web Designers

Simple Access to Passive Income for Web Designers and Freelancers (eBook)

I see too many beginner – and even advanced! – web designers only getting paid per client project. They forget about all the recurring and passive income opportunities for designers and freelancers. It’s a shame because there are SO many available to be taken advantage of. That’s why I wrote an eBook about my top 11 passive income sources that I work with. I’ll sum up some key points about it in this article.

Here's the best Divi layout packs and extensions

The Best Divi Layout packs and Extensions at the Divi Marketplace

It’s getting simpler and faster than ever before to build good looking and professional websites for clients. Or, if you’re a website owner and want to create your own website platform. In this article, I will show where you can go and pick the best Divi layout packs and extensions for the Divi page builder and be done with website pages in a matter of minutes.

How to create a landing page that converts

Hot Tips on How to Create a Landing Page for Free

A landing page on a website has a specific purpose. To get the user to interact, get a massage, and maybe perform an action. So then, how to create a landing page for free, that actually work and make the visitor do what you want? I will outline a few important details I have learned plus suggest two HUGE resources so you can design landing-pages yourself.

How to start a Web Design project as a beginner

5 Steps on How to Start a Web Design Project as a Beginner

Making a website in 2020 is easy, and fast. It’s also not hard to get paid for making that website. As a new freelancer you may know how to use Divi or Oxygen and make websites, but how do you go about starting a job for a new client? I will share my typical workflow on how to start a client Web Design project and the tools I use.

The Effortless and Simple Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

1 Effortless and Simple Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

What do you NOT know about all the visitors on your website? Google Analytics can be a hassle to use, but you need to observe your traffic so you don’t lose out on important indications. This plugin will give you a beautiful and simple analytics dashboard for WordPress that will make you clearly see and understand useful visitor details.

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