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Build Websites. Work from Anywhere. Design Your Life for Freedom.

Built a new income without coding skills or design experience.

How to make money creating websites

Note: My premium training will be launched to v. 2.0 soon

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Design your life for freedom, get paid making websites, and grow your passive income.

I created this course to help people like you create another stream of income, start generating passive income, and to built a new career to have more freedom and flexibility.

New information and upgrade to v. 2.0 of this full membership course are being worked in this late summer.

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How to become a Web Designer online course

Module based show-and-tell video training

Learn all the steps from registering your domain to have a professional WordPress website ready.

Get set up fast to be paid online, professionally

Get ready to have clients pay you, with professional invoicing, from clients all over the world.

Learn how to get clients and jobs

Steal my advice and use my scripts and templates to find clients and get paid Web Design jobs.

Learn to plan and organise any job

Get started in the right way from the beginning using the right tools and fun workflow in your projects.

Hey, I’m John Mac

Hey, I’m John Mac. I enjoy a life of freedom and total flexibility. Because I get well paid to create websites for clients around the world while traveling.

You can be a Web Designer without coding skills or any design degree. If you have a laptop and Internet connection, you only need to know where to start.

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John Mac - Web Designer