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Hello, I'm John Mac

John Mac

Mindset and Life Performance Coach. Specialized WordPress Web Designer for Divi and Oxygen + Shopify Partner & Expert.

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What People Are Saying

I have had a great time working with clients all over the world. I’ve also been able to enjoy an ongoing relationship with Shopify and the amazing support from my partner managers. Here are a few testimonials from happy clients:

Besides working through our re-design process, user UI/UX, Johnny has helped us built a sophisticated and flexible solution. It has streamlined so many of our backend processes and simplified our work building sales pages and deploying content. It’s now 10x faster than a year ago. He is easy to communicate with, good at problem-solving, quick in solutions, and over-delivers on expectations.

Tom Morkes - United States

CEO Insurgent Publishing, Cofounder at Infostack.io

Even though I got a cheaper quote from someone else I decided to go with MotionEffect. His response time to emails and questions were very efficient. Johnny was extremely professional and made the changes I wanted in a very timely manner. They were clear and upfront on what would be involved and very good at understanding and translating what I needed. Johnny was a pleasure to work with, I would recommend him without hesitation & will definitely use him again in the future.

Kathryn Davey - Ireland

CEO and Store Manager, Kathryndavey.com

My experience of working with Johnny The MotionEffect has been a great one. He has built a website for me in no time. He is friendly, good at explaining things, dependable, professional and trustworthy. He listens to your wishes, and creates a Shopify store for you – all according to your needs. I can easily recommend Johnny to anyone, who needs this sort of marketing tool.
Mark Wessel - Denmark

Photographer at Visudeco.com

After the failure of three other web designers, John was able to realize our website fulfilling all our requirements down to the pixel. The keys for success were superior communication skills, a strong worldwide networks of designers and programmers and the use of a project management system to coordinate the work of the several designers involved in the project. Their prices are fair and best values. Their service goes well over the contractual agreement. In a nutshell: QUALIFIED, FAIR, COMMITTED. If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop your customised website and would not search any further. John will definitely meet your expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details”

Gabriele Messina - Germany

Tea Farmer and CEO, Nannuoshan.org

Having been Johnny’s Partner Manager at Shopify, I can attest to the high quality of work he produces for his clients and how vital he has been to our growth, not only in Norway but in the rest of the Nordics as well.

As one of our first European partners, Johnny has been one of the first people I turn to when validating decisions about his markets.

Amanda Marochko - Canada

Partnerships & International Growth EMEA, Shopify Inc

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