I’m John Mac Web Design Craftsman

You can also get well paid creating websites and work from anywhere.

Yes, you can create websites as a beginner, live a nomad lifestyle, work from anywhere, and have more freedom(Without any coding skills or a design experience)

I'm John Mac
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If you own a computer and have access to the Internet, creating websites is easy. We don’t use any coding and don’t have the need for design skills. Start your 2nd or full-time income and plan your freedom from here.

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By using your laptop and knowing how to create websites without coding, you can built a new income.

Get started today to prepare for a second, third, or full-time income creating websites. NO CODING and NO DESIGN SKILLS needed.

Hello, I'm John Mac

John Mac

Specialized WordPress Web Designer for Divi and Oxygen + Shopify Partner & Expert. Mindset Coach and Freelance Mentor.

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What People Are Saying

I have had a great time working with clients all over the world. I’ve also been able to enjoy an ongoing relationship with Shopify and the amazing support from my partner managers. Here are a few testimonials from happy clients:

Besides working through our re-design process, user UI/UX, Johnny has helped us built a sophisticated and flexible solution. It has streamlined so many of our backend processes and simplified our work building sales pages and deploying content. It’s now 10x faster than a year ago. He is easy to communicate with, good at problem-solving, quick in solutions, and over-delivers on expectations.

Tom Morkes - United States

CEO Insurgent Publishing, Cofounder at Infostack.io

Philippa Gillström is a Mindset Mentor & Thinking Partner. I collaborate with high-performing leaders, executives & entrepreneurs who are looking to make a big impact and lead their lives from their deepest desires.

Philippa Gillstrom - Sweden

Mindset Mentor & Community Builder

Beginner Web Designer training by John Mac
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