I'm John Mac

Web Designer, systems thinker, Developer, morning coffee brewer. An Apple a day.

I build custom websites and run a premium WordPress hosting service. I'm a YouTuber. And I work from coffee shops ☕️

Work with me on your next website project. Or learn from me and get well paid creating websites (No coding) while working from anywhere in the world. Freedom

Hello, I'm John Mac

How I do my work

My lifestyle is location independent. And my businesses are all remote work. I do meetings in person or through video calls. I'm an Apple user and my desk setup is slick and flexible.

My client base is worldwide. The work I do is a blend of personal consulting, support, along with the build project itself. Because clients get a wide and sophisticated mix of support and technical solutions, they stay for a long time.

All WordPress projects are build on Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder. And may have a variety of custom features and integrations. I'm also a Shopify Expert and Partner.

Except... -this website is coded on Astro, with JS and TailwindCSS framework.

~ > npm create astro@latest
Freelance lifestyle

How I do my Lifestyle

It was many years ago that I stopped working for anyone else. I concluded with clarity and no doubt that the way I want to live is more important than surviving on a flat salary. Only to service a meaningless job.

I'm fully self-educated and trained by my own will.

Since the school system sucks, self education is the way to grow...

You're also less influenced by "systems", meaningless entertainment, and faculty infections. I live a lifestyle with a blend of spiritual deep dive, metaphysical teachings, growth mindset, and physical training to make life magical. 17 years of Taekwon-Do is part of that.

Tune your thinking, sort out your tribe, and feed your mind in a healthy way. And you will transform your lifestyle.

To work, play, expanding your mind, and enjoy a tribe of like-minded people is a wonderful lifestyle.

Quality work

Some praise, love, and wize words from previous clients.

I'm blessed with wonderful clients and good connections when I work with people around the planet. Here are some of the responses I receive.

Amanda Marochko

Partnerships & International Growth EMEA at Shopify Inc.

Amanda Marochko
Amanda Marochko

Having been John's Partner Manager at Shopify, I can attest to the high quality of work he produces for his clients and how vital he has been to our growth, not only in Norway but in the rest of the Nordics as well. As one of our first European partners, John has been one of the first people I turn to when validating decisions about his markets.

Tom Morkes

CEO Insurgent Publishing, Cofounder at Infostack.io.

Tom Morkes
Tom Morkes

Besides working through our re-design process and user UI/UX, John has helped us built a sophisticated and flexible solution. It has streamlined so many of our backend processes and simplified our work building sales pages and deploying content. It's now 10x faster than a year ago. He is easy to communicate with, good at problem-solving, quick in solutions, and over-delivers on expectations.

Philippa Gillstrom

Mindset Mentor & Community Builder at PhilippaGillstrom.com.

Philippa Gillstrom
Philippa Gillstrom

I love John's eye for detail and the designs he creates from the outlines I give him. It gives me such pleasure every time I go to my summit websites. It's not just The Look, however. It's the service. John has been easy to get hold of and is willing to do research and learn new tools to maximize the user experience and leverage my websites from a business perspective. And he is great at finding integrations that make the back-end run smoothly and efficiently for me to update myself.

Create your laptop lifestyle and have more freedom.

I teach, without any coding, how you can build beautiful websites and get paid for it. Having clients like the testimonials above, will bring you free promotion and a steady income.

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