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The storyline

It didn’t take long to realize that being stuck in a dull, zero-interest nine-to-five was not for me. So I quit and jumped into it. Hoping to swim.
Many people incarnating on this planet come with a higher soul education than others. So, fitting into a noisy world with twisted belief systems and a low level of awareness makes playing the conventional life, hard.

Having an unsafe childhood with 5 stepfathers and moving homes 32 times also impacts a soul journey.

And, since the educational system sucks, school was never an option for me. Instead, I am self-educated based on my interests, passion, innate qualities, and personal skills. Then I started my business in 2001.

Later, after years of working online, learning apps, systems, and productivity, I started consulting many of my clients. I helped a few startups and beginner creatives who want to work freelance. Besides a few film productions, it became a steady path toward Web Design.
My current focus is to build more advanced and custom WordPress projects.
Working with various clients around the world. I also serve my monthly premium clients.

Throughout all these years and along my online business, martial arts have been a big lifestyle empowerment arena. I got 17 years of Taekwon-Do training, also as a trainer. I pass on some of this mindset and metaphysical and spiritual topics to my mindset coaching.

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Hey, I'm John

I love hand-brew coffee, Apple devices, beautiful designs, and clever workflows. Currently living whereever I feel like, with my sweetheart.

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