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3 of the Best VPN Services for Essential Freelancer Security

The best expert VPN services
You don’t want to expose or risk either your private data, your freelance business, or any of your client communication. So we use VPN. But there’s a few cruicial details to make sure we choose the best anonymous VPN service. I’ll make it simle and suggest three expert VPN services in this article.

You don’t want to expose or risk your private data, your freelance business, or any of your client communication. To solve this potential issue, we use a VPN, but there are a few crucial details to make sure we choose the best anonymous VPN service. I’ll make it simple and suggest three of the best VPN services in this article.

Are you new to what a VPN service is? Make sure you read this whole article before you pick a VPN service.

It’s beneficial that you know a few things about this so you, as a freelancer, can communicate this to your customers.

Also, you don’t have to look any further anyway. The VPN providers below are my pick based on my research with them, and yes, I have tried them all.

Surfshark and NordVPN is what I recommend for you.

Why do I need a VPN service in my freelance work?

You need a VPN service for both your private and business activity online, because the VPN connection encrypts and secures all data between your computer and the open Internet.

You don’t want to fuck around on some random café Wifi or any free shopping center public network for geeky, sneaky people to snoop on your data traffic.

When you start working with clients either locally or around the world, you have a responsibility for their privacy and security when handling their online platforms.

Usually, as long as you have set up your email service and account in the right way, it’s encrypted, but if it’s not, VPN improves the security when writing business-related emails to your clients.

Surfshark VPN – A new, uncrowded and excellent VPN service

Surfshark is my most recommended VPN service with no log policy. They support both Mac and Windows devices, which includes iPhone, so they cover all your needs.

They have servers all over the world, good speed, and a very lightweight app.

Best VPN services for freelancers and Web Designers

At the time of writing this article, Surfshark just released some interesting news in their latest email.

They are working on some interesting new Internet privacy services that you really should look into when this launches.

While using the app, they have a very neat function to block ads and bots in THEIR SERVER to save you a lot of data, speeding things up for you.

Best VPN service for freelancers and entrepreneurs working online.

This is perfect when using their VPN service on your mobile.

Price: Get this awesome 82% discount deal at $2.49 month!

NordVPN – Fast VPN service with many servers

NordVPN is a highly recommended VPN service with fast speed and no log policy.

NordVPN is a fast VPN service

They have a sick collection of servers all around the world, with over 5200 boxes all over the place. They also say they are the fastest VPN service. I don’t know, maybe.

NordVPN is a popular VPN service that supports all operating systems, including Linux, and you get apps for both iPhone and Android.

Prices: Down to $2.99 monthly for a 3 year plan. $11.95 for a monthly plan.

Windscribe VPN – Slick VPN service with ad blocker

I really like Windscribe. I have used them for a long time and love their app interface on Mac. One really nice feature is their built-in ad blocker that speeds up web page loading times.

Best VPN service with ad blocking

They have a no log policy and offer apps for all platforms, including Linux.

Their frontpage slogan, as of today, is “Browse the web privately as it was meant to be.” I like that. Good spirit in the company.

Best VPN service with ad blocking

Price: $4.08 for a early plan. $9 dollars for a monthly plan.

Important VPN facts to keep in mind when choosing a service

You may have noticed that there are hundreds of both free and paid VPN services. First I’m thinking, why would I sign up for a free service?

Let’s not put more explanation into that.

Pay for a good VPN provider. It’s worth it, and it’s cheap.

Here’s my check list when I have been considering VPN services:

They should have a no log policy in their privacy statement

Hey, this one is important. Not that either you or I may have anything special to hide, but we’re talking about Internet privacy, and our option to keep it like that as much as we can.

It means that VPN service providers with no log privacy don’t keep logs of what you’re doing. They won’t present to you any ridiculous excuses like “in case of law enforcement”…. “National security”… “legal… -whatever.

Choose a VPN provider that is not based in the U.S

I don’t pick VPN services based in the U.S, as this is a fucked up country when it comes to controlling, surveillance, fake freedom, and a clown government ruling.

Remember that the VPN provider has their own servers taking care of the encryption back and forth. So they, technically, have access to peak into whatever you’re doing online.

That’s why we want to improve the likelihood that the provider we pick is outside of the U.S.

They should have good speed in their encryption

When you connect with your VPN provider, everything is encrypted. This process takes time and can slow down the overall Internet speed.

Know that when being connected to any VPN service, some reduced speed WILL occur since encryption and decryption takes time.

Pick a service with a good amount of servers worldwide

This is not necessarily because you will be traveling so much, but it’s good to have the option to switch servers now and then, as one or two can be quite crowded and slow.

The more customers that are connected to the same VPN server at the same time will slow down their overall speed. That’s a good moment to switch to one of the VPN provider’s other servers.

NordVPN is awesome when it comes to servers. Like I mentioned, over 5400 VPN servers all around the world.

It’s also especially good when you will be working with different clients around the world, because sometimes you need to log into their systems, such as websites, hosting providers, and other platforms.

If you’re a Web Designer from Thailand trying to log into your customer’s website server in Denmark, you may be blocked.

That’s the moment you want to switch your VPN server to Denmark to make it look like you are coming from Denmark. Problem solved.

Conclusion on the best VPN services for Web Designers and freelancers

Or any online business I would say. Pick one of the recommended VPN services above and you won’t be disappointed.

If you specifically want a VPN service that blocks ads, choose Windscribe.

Other than that, pick either Surfshark or NordVPN. Both are very good.

If you’re brand new in starting your online business as a freelancer, this is a good time to secure your internet connection.

And like I mentioned, pay for a good VPN service. Don’t pick any free service just because it’s free!

You would never know, are they simply snoopy services offering a free service only to be able to monitor and screen all their customers through their servers?

Be a bringer of knowledge. Share it.

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