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1 Effortless and Simple Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

What do you NOT know about all the visitors on your website? Google Analytics can be a hassle to use, but you need to observe your traffic so you don’t lose out on important indications. This plugin will give you a beautiful and simple analytics dashboard for WordPress that will make you clearly see and understand useful visitor details.

What do you NOT know about all the visitors on your website? Google Analytics can be a hassle to use, but you need to observe your traffic so you don’t lose out on important indications. This plugin will give you a beautiful and simple analytics dashboard for WordPress that will make you clearly see and understand useful visitor details.

The best one I have found so far is the MonsterInsights Pro plugin, because it is quick and easy to set up. Also, it gives me a clear overview of my traffic in nice graphics, statistics and tables.

I wanted a plugin that uses the Google Analytics data, while not relying on internal tracking in WordPress that keeps filling up the database, making the site slower.

Remember, a fast website has a good impact on SEO. 

What’s the best analytics dashboard for WordPress?

I have asked myself that for years as I couldn’t stand using the native Google Analytics. The UI was too confusing and hard to understand what was really going on with my websites.

That’s not good, because I would have no clue about my top pages, where my visitors came from, and if they use a computer or mobile phone.

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I wanted a simple analytics dashboard for WordPress to provide a fast and easy overview.

So, I tried a lot of different 3rd party platforms and plugins, but I couldn’t find anything that I actually ENJOYED using and at the same time gave me useful information that could help me to  improve my website. 

There are a few things that you need to know about your website. How can you adjust and improve something if you have no clue about your visitors?

To fulfill my needs of a lightweight, elegant, and Google data based WordPress plugin, I found that MonsterInsights was the best one for me, my clients, and for my student Web Designers that want fast and useful insights to advise their clients.

This can happen if you don’t SEE your traffic data

What if you’re running a shitty old WordPress theme that’s not mobile friendly, and 60% of your visitors come from mobile? If you had looked at an easy to understand analytics plugin for WordPress, you would turn into an expert and re-do your WordPress website using the Divi theme, making it 100% mobile friendly. 

This is just one example, but here’s a few more. 

  • You won’t see what your top pages are
    So you won’t be able to know which one you should make sure to maintain, share more, and put your best email opt-in or offers on.
  • You won’t know if users visit your site from mobile, tablet, or desktop
    If most of your visitors come from mobile and your site and layout details look really bad on mobile, people will leave, so you’re blog or business website won’t work as you intended 
  • You won’t know where people are coming from
    Then you will have no clue how people find you and where you should make some changes to improve it. Is it by Google search, social media, email, or any other channel? 
  • You won’t know which country people are visiting from
    It can be important to know which countries people are visiting from so you can make sure the content matches your expectations. 

You don’t have to give up on analytics and leave your website like this. You can enjoy crystal clear details in ONE view by installing this simple to use WordPress analytics plugin. 

How to set up an analytics dashboard in WordPress

After I installed MonsterInsights analytics plugin for WordPress in this site, I’m presented with a clean dashboard in the WordPress admin. 

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From here, it’s quick and easy to switch the time-frame I want to look at and pick the details I want to see. 

I am designer-brain oriented and I need to have things visually laid out in front of me to quickly make sense of things. Rows of numbers and data is neat, but not sexy. 

While using MonsterInsights I found that it’s quick to switch between Sessions and Pageview, or, I can jump into the Overview Report to quickly check all the details I need in ONE page. 

I can view a full scale graph for all my traffic the last for 7 days, 30 days, or a custom range, and I have a quick overview of my most interesting details that I’m looking for.

These details are very useful for you as a website owner, because now you know what works and what needs attention. This will make you rank better in search engines. 

What keywords help people find your website?

Do you know? Or do you not have a clue? 

Well, then how will you be able to know how to write your next article, or change those you already have?

It’s easy to see what keywords you are ranking for in search when using MonsterInsights. I found that, with a quick connection to Google Search Console, they just show up!

Then instead of fiddling with the native Google Search Console, this is what you will see:

Simple analytics dashboard for WordPress
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We don’t have to make our website and content optimization difficult, or make it complex to understand how to improve our SEO. 

The graphs, lists, and dashboards in this plugin will give you a clean, simplified and easy to understand layout of it all. 

This last feature is something you want!

Did you know that it’s very common that your visitors NEVER scroll to the bottom of your pages and posts?

I’m not kidding. For this website the average scroll percentage is 50%!


Yes, that’s just how it is. But how do I know? 

MonsterInsights includes a “Track Scrolling Depth” function, so I can see how deep my visitors scroll on average on my website. Right…

So, maybe I should place my email opt-in and promotional offers closer to the top of the pages and posts?

MonsterInsights is a clever investment for your websites. Be professional about the way you go about and improve your growth and content, and you’ll succeed with your growth goals. 

You can check out MonsterInsights Pro here.

And if you want quick access to more resources and some of the tools that I use in my business, have a scan over my Resources page.

Also, learn about 4 important Google Analytics metrics you should know about.

The Effortless and Simple Analytics Dashboard for WordPress
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