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The Best Divi Layout packs and Extensions at the Divi Marketplace

Here's the best Divi layout packs and extensions
It’s getting simpler and faster than ever before to build good looking and professional websites for clients. Or, if you’re a website owner and want to create your own website platform. In this article, I will show where you can go and pick the best Divi layout packs and extensions for the Divi page builder…

It’s getting simpler and faster than ever before to build good looking and professional websites for clients. Or, if you’re a website owner and want to create your own website platform. In this article, I will show where you can go and pick the best Divi layout packs and extensions for the Divi page builder and be done with website pages in a matter of minutes.

I will explain how all this works in a minute.

But first of all, I mention to all my new Freelancers and work-from-home students that Divi can become your main tool to create a good income for yourself. And by choosing the best Divi layout packs, you can build some amazing websites.

Buy buildings blocks for your Web Design business and grow your income

Downloading Divi is a ridiculously low investment that can bring you thousands in well-paid income in return. And even be the source for your first passive income stream. Which I think is important if you want to live a nomad lifestyle and have more freedom.

Heck, Divi builder is MY main tool for building client websites around the world. Except when I use my more advanced go-to tool, the more customizable Oxygen builder.

But now, using Divi, it’s getting even faster to build professional, beautiful, and well-functioning websites for your upcoming clients. You will see why at the new marketplace from Elegant Themes where you will find the best Divi layout packs and extensions.

What are Divi extensions and layout packs?

Divi extensions and layout packs are simply packaged files you can purchase, download, and install in your WordPress website running the Divi theme to click and drag ready-made layouts, modules, and design sections on to your pages.

This is the cool thing with Divi. You can export and import layouts and modules that you have created to use on other websites.

The same thing can be done on your own Divi website. You just import layouts and extensions that you purchased into WordPress by installing a plugin or uploading a data file into Divi. 

File sizes are usually small. So it’s fast and easy to import and extend your collections of Divi layouts and modules.

The best Divi layout packs at the new Divi Marketplace

Divi is the most elegant and fast website builder for WordPress you can find. It’s intuitive, simple to use, and is based on sections, rows, and modules to set up webpages fast.

The creators of Divi (Elegant Themes) have just launched their new marketplace where you will find beautiful design elements, sections, blocks, and other snacks to use in your next website project. 

Top Divi layout packs

Let’s say you need a Divi testimonial section to show customer and client feedback. You’ll find it already design and ready to use at the Divi Marketplace. 

What about a contact page, or just a gallery module for Divi to display images elegantly? It’s there. 

You will find the best modal popup for Divi, and sections with Divi blog layouts, table maker for Divi, and the popular Divi Events Calendar. 

Go and take a look and you will find the best Divi layout modules created by professionals.

Divi Toolbox download

Or if you’re looking for a solution on how to while labeling a Divi website, you can install the Divi Ghoster extension.

How to use Divi layout modules and sections

When you have a WordPress website with Divi installed, it’s simple to add a new extension from the Divi Marketplace. Here are some of the typical ways to start using the Divi Marketplace add-ons for Divi.

After purchase, you can download files to install: 

  • You would just upload a Zip-file like a normal plugin in WordPress
  • Install it as a new Theme, and make it a child-theme
  • Layouts come as JSON file that you import directly into Divi

Once imported and activated you just go the respective settings panel, if the extension has one. Or click to add elements to your page from the Divi builder and module selector. They will be visible as soon as you install the extension.

All these methods on how to improve the Divi workflow is easy to do and does not require any coding to start. You just upload a file.

Sometimes the extension you buy at the Divi Marketplace is created to extend the functionality, look, and design of existing plugins. For example, if you’re looking for the best events calendar for Divi, here is an extension for it in the marketplace. 

This extension will need you to have the free “The Events Calendar” plugin already installed in WordPress. And then by installing the Divi extension for this event calendar plugin, it becomes super-easy to add calendar views that are looking great into your Divi designs.

Make money with Divi and some creative play

We can agree that the Divi builder has changed how we create websites. Hell, it’s changed a lot in general since I starting hacking HTML code to built ugly webpages!

I teach people looking to design their lives for freedom and to work from anywhere on how to get well paid making websites. And building websites with Divi is one way this can be done.

One thing is to make full websites. Another way to make money with Divi is to focus on building design elements and layouts. 

If you have a laptop or home computer and like to be creative in the evenings. Why not start building some cool designs by learning from YouTube?

If you want to know how to make money making websites, I created a course for that. It will take you through everything you need to know about making an income creating websites and start building passive income every month.

Why should you create websites to make money?

  • Domains and hosting  super-cheap (I recommend Siteground or Flywheel for more premium WordPress hosting.)
  • WordPress is free to use and installs automatically on the hosting account
  • Divi makes it easy for everyone who likes to be creative on their computer to make websites

You can download my free starter guide here. Maybe this could be your next new career and being a boss at the same time?

I also have a full premium course where you get full on-screen video training on how get setup making a good income. 

Creating websites is easier than you think. Take advantage of Divi and consider learning some secrets by joining my tribe of subscribers.

Be a bringer of knowledge. Share it.

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