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How to publish articles and social media posts using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule.

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How can you automatically schedule and publish WordPress blog posts and articles? And share to all your social media channels for weeks to come? Whether you’re a one-man freelance show or a team, I have ONE tool that I have been using for years. A super-effective content drag-and-drop calendar.

How can you automatically schedule and publish WordPress blog posts and articles? And share to all your social media channels for weeks to come? Whether you’re a one-man freelance show or a team, I have ONE tool that I have been using for years. A super-effective content drag-and-drop calendar.

How to post website content on autopilot and save time

You can keep spending a sick amount of time writing, manually posting content, and manually sharing your content to social media.

Or you can work smarter, save time, and start using tools to make you more effective, happier, and less stressed.

Blog calendar for WordPress

You may also love to have a visual overview of your web content timeline?

I mainly run two websites. I usually write my own content and post it myself. But I’m planning, auto-posting, and automatically share a long stream of social media posts AUTOMATICALLY using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule.

Content calendar for WordPress

I love quality tools. And if you work with clients as a freelancer, you should know about quality tools you’re clients should benefit from.

Linking the CoSchedule calendar to my WordPress websites

The smooth visual interface in the CoSchedule content calendar for WordPress is linked to both my websites. So when I’m on the calendar and visually plan content it will automatically create a post with all details ready for publishing inside WordPress.

And I like to write in Google docs because it makes it simple to share with team members, like an editor.

WordPress content calendar

The sexy thing with CoSchedule is that you can also link to the Google doc you are writing on inside your calendar. When you’re done, you can convert this article into a WordPress post right in CoSchedule.

You can assign the author of the post. You can select the category for the post, and you can pick different tags and color codes in your calendar to organize all your content.

Automatically posted and auto-shared to social media for A MONTH (Or more)

Let’s say you just got a creative cosmic download and have a brilliant idea for an article to be published later. Jump into the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule and create a new post on the date you see fit.

Open a Google document, or write directly inside your calendar. (They have their own editor too). You can even write in your Google docs inside CoSchedule if you prefer.

Then if you like to have your new blog post or article shared to social media automatically, do what I have done here:

Social media calendar for WordPress

I was smarter than Elon Musk and created a pre-made social media sharing schedule for myself. I listed out various social media posts to go out at certain intervals for both Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

I click to choose my template and modify the wording.

And then I click the magic button!

Everything saves, gets populated in the calendar. And my article will automatically be posted on my blog at the date I specified.

But not only that.

My article will be shared on social media for a whole month with various wording and hashtags. And even MORE smooth, I can re-add that social sharing template to my article and run the same social media show for one more month.

It’s basically up to you how long time you want to create a social media sharing template for. Create one running for a week, or one that re-posts your content one time every month.

I create it, save it, and forget it!

Quick line-up and auto-posting to Instagram

I wanted to point out Instagram specifically.

I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan in the world of social media madness. It’s crowded, noisy, and takes a shit-load of time. The only platform I care about spending some time on is my Instagram account.

Probably because it’s more visual. And I use it as part of promoting my lifestyle and message to the world.

For example, when I wanted to promote Circle amazing community platform’s first summit launch, this is part of what I planned in CoSchedule.

Best online community platform

And, I use CoSchedule for this also. It’s super-fast for me to outline a whole week or month of Instagram posts if I want to. I can plan it out and a week, or month of mosts, will be taken care of if I so desire.

But of course, for all my blog content and articles I do have a schedule for my Facebook page (that I never go into) and to my Twitter account.

Content calendar with projects and events planning

Often, whether you work for clients or plan your own content, the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule lets you plan events, tasks, projects, and other related stuff.

You can add tema members if you have, and you can keep track of everything in one place.

Maybe you just got an idea but don’t want to add it to the calendar right now. Then you drop it into the idea sidebar that is always visible in your calendar.

Often I do promote deals, events, apps, and software I recommend that I have an affiliate partnership with. I will then simply mark an event in my calendar for when the promotion starts and can plan around those dates.

I can post articles, set up social media flows, or add in my planned YouTube channel videos.

Quick recap on this slick content and social media calendar for WordPress

I have been trying all kinds of content calendar solutions. Its been really hard to find something I actually love using.

Here are a few of my top reasons for recommending CoSchedule as a content and marketing calendar for bloggers and businesses.

  • It’s beautifully design and a pleasure to work with
  • The interface is snappy and elegant
  • I can easily organise, plan, and schedule content for several websites
  • I can organise my content and social media posts with colors and tags
  • My articles and posts can be written and scheduled to WordPress right inside the calendar.
  • I can plan and handle all my social media posting

So, it’s truly awesome to have this overview in one place. ONE calendar to plan, organise, and schedule content. And one place to write. Which is Google Docs.

I would say, try it out. Connect your WordPress website and social profile and put this calendar to work for you.

CoSchedule have a free trail so you can test this marketing calendar out.

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