Top 3 Quality Hosting Sites for Beginner Web Designers and Website Owners

Top 3 Quality Hosting Sites for Beginner Web Designers and Website Owners
<p>I always recommend what I know website owners will love and find both useful and flexible. For you and your customers, here&#8217;s my suggestion on quality hosting for beginner Web Designers.</p>

I like two things when it comes to hosting – simplicity and quality. I always recommend what I know website owners will love and find useful and flexible. For you and your customers, here’s my suggestion on quality hosting for beginner Web Designers.

Choose a hosting service based on your and your customers skill level

I recommend you pick one of the following three companies for your quality hosting, but I’ll explain why and explain the differences between them in this article.

You should make the choice based on whom will be working with the hosting account.

Will you be working on it for your customer?

Or, do you expect that your customer will want to be able to handle some of the hosting account features themselves?

Make sure you read the whole article as I provide some additional tips and notes for you that will be essential for handling this for your web design clients.

If you are reading this article as a website owner, blogger, or NOT a Web Designer doing work for a client, it’s just as useful for you.

For quick skimming, here’s a roundup of all three hosting companies for WordPress hosting and domain purchase.

I will be presenting these hosting companies in the order I recommend them.

Siteground hosting review: Top quality hosting for WordPress

Siteground is a popular choice. I have been a customer with them for years, and I keep all my websites on ONE account.

Quality hosting for WordPress

Tell your customers that if they want to go for Siteground, they will also be able to use their own WordPress plugin called SG Optimiser. It’s specifically made to get the most speed out of their servers.

Their support is simply amazing and they never give up on a problem.

As an example, I remember a few years back, right after I moved my main website, The MotionEffect, over to Siteground. During this process, I had some technical stuff going on with my site that I just couldn’t figure out.

Even support struggled a little with my setup and some domain/WordPress issue, but they kept on going with me on chat for 5 damn hours straight!

And they solved it.

Siteground has the classic “cPanel” control panel access with all the known advanced features and settings for hosting and domain services.

This will not be something most of your web design customers will be looking for. Usually, they won’t even be able to set up their own email account if it’s the type of customer that freaks out by computer stuff.

Usually, you do not have to do much technical changes and setups when registering a domain and/or hosting.

If you do, and if you’re a brand new Web Designer not completely sure about the cPanel work-around for this kind of hosting, let’s check out another service.

Bluehost – Mid-advanced hosting for everyone

If you’re into Web Design or have your own WordPress website, you may have heard about Bluehost. It’s almost like you see stickers and banners about them on trees out in the forest.

Recommended hosting for beginners

Bluehost is good, and they are very popular.

I can recommend them because of pricing, good support, and that they are a mid-advanced hosting service for both you as a Web Designer and your customers.

I haven’t used Bluehost myself for years, but unless they have changed something in their account setup and dashboard, they have kind of a beautiful cPanel system.

It’s still very simple to register an account for your customers, and to log in to manage and set up a new WordPress install. – Simple hosting for WordPress and beginner Web Designers

This company is from Denmark. I recommend them, because their hosting and service platform is very simple and slick. So for simple websites, it‘s a cheap hosting service.

Simple hosting for beginner Web Designers and website owners

If you are a new freelance Web Designer, this is the hosting company you are looking for. They have good quality hosting for beginners with access to a control panel that is very simple to manage.

It’s a simple hosting domain and hosting management for your customers, and one of the main features I know customers love is their web based email service.

This is one of the main features you would mention to your web design clients. If you want a very good email service and inbox with NO setup at all, choose as your hosting company.

You can’t set up hosting with without a domain, so when you register for an account with them, you either pick a domain or move one that the customer already has.

Most likely you’re setting up a domain with hosting for WordPress, so when you set up a new account, make sure you pick the one that allows hosting for WordPress.

This is the best hosting service for Shopify store owners!

This is a very important tip, so make a note of this.

If you have a customer that you’re setting up a new e-commerce store for that is using Shopify, they will also need a domain unless they already have one. is the best hosting company for Shopify store owners. Not because they actually need the hosting, but because they need a domain. Your client will also need a good email service, and has the best web based email platform I have ever seen.

Like I mentioned, you can`t set up a account without hosting – domain name and server is one package. Your customers need that server space to be able to have an email service, because you need disk space to save the email contents!

It’s also simple for you to change the DNS setting in control panel to point to Shopify servers.

Conclusion and recommended hosting for beginner Web Designers

I have two recommended hosting services for new Web Designers. Here’s why;

If either you or your customer wants a simple interface and setup options, choose as the best option for WordPress and Shopify hosting.

If you want the best manual options, speed, and performance, I would recommend Siteground. It’s the most flexible for future changes and growth for both your web design customer’s websites and your own.

Also, all of these hosting companies offer SSD drives and free SSL on the customers domain. I always recommend you install WordPress on a HTTPS domain setup.

One click WordPress installation hosting -of course

So, if you’re just starting out, or maybe considering and wondering how to become a Web Designer. Important note: all of these companies offer one click WordPress installation hosting.

Yes, no stressing about setting up WordPress on a new or existing domain for your customers.

Send an email to your client now and recommend one of the hosting companies in this article.

Remember, before any work is done for your clients, make sure to send them 50% of your suggested price for your work in advance.

When you’re expecting payments, get notified right on your desktop when money is coming in!