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How to Make Money Creating Websites By Using the New Divi 4

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ElegantThemes’s magical website builder will have the biggest discount ever. If you plan to build websites, make money on websites, or simply create a spectacular online profile for yourself, now is the time. Or, if you want to win a Mac Pro to run your business!

ElegantThemes’s magical website builder will have the biggest discount ever. If you plan to build websites, want to know how to make money creating websites, or create a spectacular online profile for yourself, now is the time. Or, if you want to win a Mac Pro to run your business!

Building websites and making a living doing so is one of the most simple and accessible methods of making a living without a boss. 

You have to relate to yourself as your boss. Can you picture that?

How to Make Money by Creating Websites Professionally 

You buy the magical and powerful Divi builder from ElegantThemes!

If you have been trying to build websites for a while with conventional, static, maybe even paid, WordPress themes, you may be struggling. 

Why do you want to do that?

When I started creating websites a long time ago, I was fiddling with HTML, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. If you know what I mean, let’s take a minute to laugh together right now. 

Later, I moved on to working with WordPress and discovered free and paid themes. It dramatically sped up my workflow when it came to setting up websites. 

But nothing compared to 2019 and beyond!

Now, using Divi, you’ll create a professional website for a personal or business brand with a beautiful design flow in 5 minutes! 

Hello, I’m not kidding here!

If you already have your domain with WordPress installed, I can promise you it will take 5 minutes to create a fully-loaded website using the Divi builder. 

This is how to make money creating websites and build a reputation for yourself as a Web Designer. 

THE Best WordPress Themes For Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

I have been hustling in my own business, creating active and passive income streams as a Web Designer for years, and I’m also a Shopify Expert and Partner. When I pick the tools, software, plugins, and themes to give my clients the best solutions, I’m picky about my choices. 

The best WordPress themes for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and website owners are built by I feel comfortable stating this because of my experience working with clients all over the world, and from my experience in testing, trying, and building a huge list of website builders. 

ElegantThemes has the best WordPress themes because they are well built, coded, designed, and the websites you create will be very simple to maintain. 

Divi is their main, top theme for WordPress, and with this visual website builder, you can do anything. This is why I recommend not using anything else, as you will have full control over layout, design, functionality, and whatever plugins and add-ons you build into the website. 

WordPress Theme Supporting Custom Header, Post Type Content, and Footers

Divi version 4.0 was released just a few days ago. I celebrated it by river dancing. I then poured myself some fresh coffee, hand-brewed with my new Chimex kettle. Then, I sat down to build a custom Divi member’s section for my new training course on how to become a Web Designer. 

Testing out a few WordPress LMS plugins, I can now build designs for custom post types in WordPress using Divi. It’s damn awesome. 

Using the new Divi Theme Builder, I can create WordPress custom headers, content designs, and footers. 

Divi custom post type design in WordPress

This is something we had to search for to find other solutions. But now it’s easily done using the new Divi 4.0.

If you build websites for a client it will now make it easy for you to quickly create a custom design for blog posts. You can even create a custom layout and design for WordPress post with a specific Tag or post Category. 

Or let’s say you are using a setup where you created a custom post type for your client, and you want these post types to have a specific layout and design. Perfect, you can do that using Divi 4.0. 

Divi WordPress Theme (4.0) on Major Discount

As I’m writing this article about the Divi WordPress theme and version 4.0, I also found that ElegantThemes just launched a major Divi discount for Black Friday. 

Damn, they’re even giving away a Mac Pro

If you are late for that, jump over anyway and make sure you GET THIS theme! If you are serious about finding a new method for income, and how to make money creating websites, you have to go for Divi. 

I use it for most of my own websites and client projects, and it makes it simple for the client to maintain their WordPress site if they so desire. 

Check out Divi 4.0.

How to make money creating websites

Design Your Life for Freedom

By using your laptop and knowing how to create websites without coding, you can get well paid.

Get started today to prepare for a second, third, or full-time income creating websites. NO CODING and NO DESIGN SKILLS needed.

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