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Can I Become a Web Designer Without Coding Skills?

A guy in bed learning how to become a Web Designer without coding skills.
When school sucks and any random employee job sucks more, you may be looking to become a proficient Web Designer with regular clients that love you and your work. Then you ask, can I become a web designer without coding skills? Yes you can, and I will tell you why and how in this article.

When school sucks and any random employee job sucks more, you may be looking to become a proficient Web Designer with regular clients that love you and your work. Then you ask, can I become a web designer without coding skills? Yes you can, and I will tell you why and how in this article.

Can you be a web designer without coding?

Yes, sure you can. And in this post you may find some details you didn’t think of before. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that your career and new freelance life path as a Web Designer could begin today.

Making this path a reality is up to you, with a little boost from my help.

But first, please be the coolest guy in the street and share this article to one of your geeky friends so they also can be surprised.

Let’s do this.

1. Yes, you can become a Web Designer without coding skills!

People have asked me before; Can I become a Web Designer without coding skills at all? Yes, and I will explain why so you can consider grabbing your computer and start learning this. Go here for you want to see some beginner friendly courses to learn Web Design and work-from-home skills.

For your to become a Web Designer, it’s in fact all a matter of a mindset shift. And not a big education. What you need to learn is free, and openly available online.

If anyone else attempts to tell you otherwise, they are wrong. Why?

I’ll make sure to share the secret near the end of this article. Let’s look at the important stuff first.

A developer does coding, while a designer works on the design. Working as a “Web Designer” usually involves planning, sketching, and visual design-work in apps like Figma or Invision.

Web ‘designing’ also involves the handling and setting up of WordPress or Shopify with relevant integrations, plugins, and apps, along with advising the client of best practices.

By learning some of these systems, services, and tools, you will be well fit to create new or improve existing websites for your first customer.

Learn how to become a Web Designer without coding skills.

Of course, at times, you will find pure web DESIGNERS who only work with sketching, planning, and visually designing the layout, but don’t handle the technical setups.

2. So, how to become a Web Designer (Successful and well paid)

Ah, there are a lot of things I would really enjoy teaching you that would have you become a Web Designer without coding, design skills, or special computer knowledge.

Today, this probably won’t happen, but over time, if you become one of my subscribers to my articles.

Or, if I could train you in person?

Let me give you a short list of qualities and skills on how to become a paid Web Designer. One that your customers will come back to over and over again, leading to more and more income.

7 skills you will learn to become a Web Designer

I’m telling you now, if you learn the following steps in this order, you will be able to set up your first website today!

Here are seven skills you can start learning today that will bring you paid work as a Freelance Web Designer.

  • Domains and hosting – Do a quick read-up on the difference between domains, hosting, and different server packages, which is not hard or technical at all. This will make sure you can pick a domain and hosting plan for yourself and your customer to start building the website.
  • Learn WordPress – If you don’t know, go and check out what WordPress is, and make sure you don’t use for your own or any clients website, use There’s no need to download, just check it out.
  • Pick the right hosting plan and install WordPress – Make note of three hosting companies you will use for your own website and future clients. When you sign up, it’s easy to install WordPress so you can begin building the site. YouTube will teach you everything.

    Siteground is recommended – Bluehost is good. Or use, to make it simple for you and your customer. To learn more, consider by eBook on how to start as a Web Designer.
  • Learn about two main WordPress themes – I don’t see why I shouldn’t simplify things here, and so should you. Yes, with WordPress you can choose between a shitload of themes. But why? Use Divi theme or learn the more advanced and superior Oxygen Builder (plugin) for WordPress. These two will let you build anything for your customers.
  • Learn some web design traits – Choose to become efficient at what you want to do so you feel more confident talking to your customers and clients. Check out and learn a little bit about colors, basic designing, what CSS is and how it works. CSS may include a little bit of “coding,” but this is simple and fun compared to what I’m referring to with coding, such as PHP, HTML, Javascript and other heavy coding languages.
  • Become a Shopify partner – Shopify is the number one eCommerce platform on the planet now. I have been a Shopify Expert and Partner for years, and it’s my number one source for recurring passive income each month! If your customer wants an eCommerce store, use Shopify for this project. No coding skills needed here, unless you want venture into that space.
  • Be professional administratively and love your customer – It’s easy for you to look professional by sending invoices from services like FreeAgent or WaveApps, but also be open to learning how to handle and love your customers. Note: In my reality as a entrepreneur and Web Designer, the customer is NOT always right. I don’t tolerate shit, and expect mutual respect between me and the client. Speak and act with confidence, and you will have a much better work relationship.

Usually, the client is NOT right at all. That’s why they hire me in the first place.

Take a look at the 7 skills and qualities. Do they look hard for you to learn more about?

It’s not, and you don’t need any education for it. There is no need for a big investment.

It is openly available to become a Web Designer without education or coding skills, whenever you are ready

There’s always more cool stuff to learn, expand on, and dive into to become a good Web Designer. But these skills are easily accessible and free to look up and learn. It’s also the foundation for you to be able to charge money for your first jobs.

If coding is something you WANT to dive into and learn, that will just benefit you when working with custom website setup and integrations.

My secret and why others may be wrong

I have been a professional Web Designer working on both WordPress websites and Shopify eCommerce stores for years. I started my business in 2001. Start counting.

And you know what?

I cannot code.

Let me explain something important before you brain-fart. Coding is coding, yes?

Web Design is design and usually the overall technical setups.

I have done A LOT of different web design projects and setups. I have been well paid, and I have clients that stick with me to this day.

All without coding.

Now, my star-sign is Libra. We have an innate quality and ability to “see” and create harmony, beauty and balance. We’re attracted to this, and these senses include design work and visual arts. So, maybe I got an unfair advantage there. (smirk)

A more interesting fact for you to consider is that I have also been overall interested and good at figuring things out. Nobody taught me web design.

I educated myself.

Another secret? If coding comes up as a necessity, I have made sure that I’m affiliated and partnered with another web DEVELOPER – one that focuses on coding skills, and not design work.

Together we make things work very well. (Thought I rarely need his help)

You can do this too. Partner up with a coder on Upwork and keep him/her as your peer for when you need some extra coding help.

Become a Web Designer without re-inventing the wheel

There was a time when I was thinking; Can I become a Web Designer without coding skills? Over the years I have learned the answer to that.

There’s another important snippet of information you should keep in mind. Both WordPress and Shopify websites now have a huge variety of plugins and apps to expand and upgrade their functionality.

I usually tell my clients that I wouldn’t recommend coding anything unless they are talking about a very special project that needed functionality that’s not already covered by adding a plugin or online service.


Because usually, what they are looking to set up on their website has already been created as a plugin. Buying, or even installing a free plugin or app is INSANELY cheaper than inventing, programming, and servicing their own plugin or functions.

Also, as soon as there are updates to WordPress and themes, and because of security and safety, using a well-developed plugin or app is a lot safer.

How to become a web designer without a degree

I keep laughing at this search keyword in Google!

It simply just pisses me off. Why the hell would someone need a degree or special diploma to become a Web Designer?

Don’t waste your precious time on A traditional education for this profession

Be clever, educate yourself. Connect with a mentor, learn from YouTube, and FIGURE THINGS OUT!

If you tell people that you read this article and they still laugh and say that you still need to learn coding. Ask them this;

How come the very handsome John Mac at has done well as paid web designer AND a Shopify Expert, while retaining regular customers that pay him monthly recurring fees for his services? Hmm…

A conclusion for you to become a Web Designer

How do you feel now? Do you see that becoming a web designer without coding skills can become a reality for you in the coming weeks?

If you’re wondering about how to get your first web design client projects, that’s another topic and post in itself, but it is also a lot easier than you probably think.

If you have questions or want a private Web Design Craftsman training session with me, connect with me here and let’s set up the first call.

I have spoken. And so it is.

It all begins today.

Be a bringer of knowledge. Share it.

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