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SaaS for Beginners: Building Websites as a Service

Saas for beginners. Building websites as a service.
Nothing compares to sitting in a well-styled and comfortable café, like the one I'm currently in while visiting my home country, Norway, for a short trip. Three women with newborn babies gather at a sofa lounge to talk baby stuff. One of them has a 7-year-old boy who keeps staring at me.

Starting a SaaS for beginners can be easier than you think. And it can bring great freedom. Nothing compares to sitting in a well-styled and comfortable café, like the one I’m currently in while visiting my home country, Norway. Three women with newborn babies gather at a sofa lounge to talk baby stuff. One of them has a 7-year-old boy who keeps staring at me.

Making a life change so your can work at cafés It’s something you can also do. And since I was just reading about various Saas business stories, I wanted to quickly write about starting a Saas for beginners, a simple way to do it.

I wonder if he’s just curious about my Mac setup and Apple AirPods Max while I’m writing. I hope he’s inspired and later decides to break away from the traditional school system’s way of educating himself. May his inner guidance save him from the path of the sheep.

The choice to start your own business at this time, from virtually anywhere, is accessible for everyone with an active brain. And in this post, I wanted to briefly cover some tips for you on the topic of Software as a Service (SaaS) concept that is certainly growing in popularity.

The investment needed to get started in this type of business can be very low. In fact, close to $0 investment if you so choose. It’s something you can do (As long as you have a computer and Internet access)

Have you been wondering how to build a SaaS using WordPress? Well, it‘s kind of the way I have done my business for a few years.

But first…

What is a SaaS business (Software as a Service)

A Software as a Service (SaaS) business is defined as a company that hosts an application and makes it available to customers over the internet.

In a SaaS model, users access the software via a web browser instead of locally installed software. This typically operates on a subscription model, where users pay a regular fee for access. Key advantages of SaaS include scalability, accessibility, automatic updates, and reduced costs for hardware and software maintenance.

Starting a SaaS for beginners, sounds complex and scary. I kind of observe that the only way to do it, is by diving into a huge undertaking of coding and development. But I say, that is not the only way.

You probably think, and even worry, that this entails having to know programming and advanced computer skills, strangling your dream in the moment of birth. But not to worry my friend. It is not so. Anymore.

Yes, a SaaS business can come to life and develop without the need for a degree, coding skills, design skills, or even any acceptance from society. Though, your idea should preferably have a YES from potential buyers if you intend to make it a business and build an income from it.

Letting Software as a Service (SaaS) ideas fly

There are many bright minds out there. And you may be one of them. Even though you may not have the sufficient technical skills yet to build what you picture in your mind, you are 100% allowed to have your bright idea come to life. It’s not just programmers that have great ideas.

Saas for beginners.

Even the smartest and most seasoned developer in the drawer may not have the brains to conjure ideas like you. There are those who are more connected to All-That-Is, and those who are only connected to their computer and what it can do.

There are a bunch of no-code tools and ready-made software solutions to help you brainstorm, sketch, and build web and mobile phone applications. Not just for prototyping, but also as fully functional services.

If you have an idea, write it down and research what tools you would need to start building what’s in your mind.

I know a great course I have gone through myself, teaching beginners all the steps from start to finish on how to build a micro SaaS from start. Just going through this course myself gave me so many solutions and ideas.

Two suggestions to start your SaaS journey

So, how do I make a living and enjoy the ultimate freedom lifestyle that I have now?

Just recently I returned from the far east. I’m on an unannounced stealth-visit back to my hometown in Norway. I have just spent 5 years in Thailand, living a lifestyle my previous Hobbit friends in my hometown laughed about many years ago. While enjoying a choice of 2300 coffee shops in Chiang Mai, a condo with a gym, swimming pool and sauna, I have cultivated my skills as a Web Designer even more.

When I drove into town this morning, I could choose between 2 coffee shops to work at. Still, two ideas came to my mind. Both as a suggestion and motivation to you.

Web Design as a SaaS for beginners – Easy start

This can in fact be one easy-access way for you to start your dream to greater freedom. Even though, technically, Web Design or website page-building in itself is not fully a SaaS per definition. But you would certainly be able to offer something you have built yourself, and sell it to customers.

That has been my biggest income for years. Not only do I get properly paid for building the website itself, I also offer maintenance services and hosting.

This has brought me a solid income per project. Plus a nice recurring income to bring me safety and comfort in my business. Not to mention the freedom I have to NOT have to live in this gray, lifeless, hometown.

My biggest focus the last years became dedicated to learning how to build custom and app-like websites using proper page-builders for WordPress. And this is what I had in mind this morning when thinking of you.

Using WordPress page-builders like Bricks Builder or Oxygen builder, you will be able to set up very custom and highly functional app-like websites. And get well paid for it.

And if you consider the insane options of plugins available for WordPress, you will be able to create pretty awesome solutions and put your name on it.

I have done this for years. And I just love building stuff. But through 2023 and into 2024, my goal became 80% focused on building my course platform. I’m now teaching people like you how to build, deploy, and get paid for what you build through my courses.

And that would be one of my suggestions today. Copy what I have done and do the same.

Skip society’s validation and just do it!

So now it’s all up to you. If making a living by using your brain and a computer sounds intriguing and motivating, it’s time to get started. Don’t ask for permission from anybody.

You can self-educate, learn, and grow by the power of your mind, fueled by your will. Which you can nurture from some motivation from others.

Again, here’s my two suggestions today.

If you want to learn fast and be part of my growing tribe in an early start, check out my courses. The lowest investment you can make is to join the membership before the price goes up some time this spring. Alternatively, you would purchase single courses.

Go to Courses to make it all happen

If you want to dive more into a bit more detailed and complex approach, solely focus on the topic of starting a SaaS service, check out Jamie Tam’s course. I can recommend it, as I went through his course myself. His “How to Build a Micro SaaS” course is a good start learning about building a SaaS for beginners.

My recommendation would be to join both of my suggestions today if you are a complete beginner. It will give you a great overall knowledge of what a SaaS business entails. But also let you start building something that is easy to sell through my courses.

If you’re curious what’s on our roadmap for my courses, you can check out the Course Voting Hub that I built entirely using Bricks Builder (No plugin).

Whatever you do, I just find it cool when people take charge of their lives. Decide to make things work out, and do it. Without education, approvals, very little money, just making things happen using their inner strength and brain power.

This is your year to level up.

saas for beginners
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