A Profitable and Simple Alternative to WordPress for Fast Website Building

A Profitable and Simple Alternative to WordPress for Fast Website Building
<p>There is nothing that should prevent you from building websites for clients using other tools or platforms like WordPress. There is an abundance of very interesting and productive alternatives to WordPress to build websites. In this article, I will show you Zyro. I like it. And you could make money from it.</p>

There is nothing that should prevent you from building websites for clients using other tools or platforms like WordPress. There is an abundance of tools. And a simple alternative to WordPress to build websites. In this article, I will show you Zyro. I like it. And you could make money from it.

Do you want to make a good income creating websites for clients around the world? I want to help you. So that’s why I created e free blueprint to get started. Download it below. 

You’re floating in a sea of ready-to-use tools and services for you to begin today! Without learning to code or know anything about design. So, what to use instead of WordPress?

Well, one productive alternative to WordPress is Zyro’s website builder. I think it’s also a very good alternative to WooCommerce for WordPress as it has a bunch of amazing features AND is easy to maintain for clients.

A Fast, beautiful alternative to WordPress for beginner Web Designers

You know, there are alternatives to building websites outside of the realm of WordPress. If you are just starting as a freelancer or with a side hustle, you should know about these other alternatives. 

I only share good advice that will help my readers create websites and make a living from their work. So the website builder I will show you in this article is a tool I will recommend.

Zyro.com approached me to try out their platform. So it’s not a tool that I just discovered. Normally I don’t jump on to new tools like this. And I get a lot of requests throughout the year to test services, tools, and platforms like this. But I had a good feeling this time and said yes to try it out. 

This is why I’m writing this article. If I didn’t think Zyro would be a good, productive tool that you could use as a freelancer or website owner, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

It is simple. But it’s also elegant. And they are continuing to update the platform with some nifty features that make it worth considering as a tool for beginner Web Designers. 

But still, something that they, maybe, later want to maintain themself. And there is no need to complicate things unless the project demands it. So why not give what the client wants faster. And still, get paid for it. 

Without any installation and no continuous system and plugin updates. 

Zyro could be one of the tools you would be using for your next paid client projects. Or, if you are a domain and website owner yourself. Now you know there are alternatives to try out for your next website project. 

This is what I like about Zyro and why it’s a good builder.

First of all, Zyro is a ready-to-go platform and page builder. Create an account and start using it. There is no installation or server setup. 

The only thing you need to do when the site is ready is to connect your domain. It’s a simple update and Zyro explains it all on their website. 

  • A clean and intuitive page builder that’s fast to use
  • Easy to add photo galleries. (some clients want this)
  • Set up an online store using the e-commerce add-on
  • Embed custom code on your pages
  • WhatsApp integration for visitors chats
  • Custom SEO settings for each page, and images
  • Desktop and mobile editing in the page builder 
  • A preset color palette and font styles
  • Super simple to stick with a visual grid system. 
  • It’s quick to add a Stripe payment button 

Here are a few of the things that made me smile while working with Zyro. 

So, as a beginner Freelancer, you will have a tool that can get you started very quickly. And even as an experienced freelancer, I would say that for some clients you could offer a solution like Zyro

A new website doesn’t always have to be complex and manually put together. If you are an experienced freelancer though, it’s your job to know your tools and consult and advise your client on a platform that will work for them. 

Keep the possible future changes and growth in mind for the client.

Easy to use Page builder and website layout tool

Simple alternative to WordPress

The page builder in Zyro is very responsive and snappy to use. The page building process starts with “Sections” just like with other builders. In each section, you add “Elements”. 

Here’s what Zyro offer at this point: 

You simply drag an element into the section and align it with the grid. Dragging the element and its corners will show you a visible grid layout. 

Very snappy and elegant. 

So I would say, if you don’t have the brains to use this tool, you’re not even worthy of wasting your time using Facebook.

It could be the best alternative to WooCommerce for your next client website

Zyro will let you built a beautiful store, fast. 

Let’s say you’re in touch with a new client that has a few products they would like to sell online. 

As a beginner Freelancer and Web Designer, you could make this happen quickly by building it using Zyro. Raise your project price and set up a beautiful and clean shop in a few hours.

In your Zyro account, you will have a Store Manager. And I have to say, I’m a little impressed with the workflow to set things up and manage products. I like that I can even add custom product attributes and also custom product options of various kinds. 

Simple alternative to WooCommerce shop

Also, easily connect credit card payments using Stripe (PayPal sucks so I won’t even mention it). Besides those options, Zyro offers over 50 other payment integrations! (this is also dependent on the country you set the store up from) 

I can see that Zyro would be something clients would be able to maintain. Working on the website itself and running a shop is simple. 👌🏻

It’s also a very nice alternative to WooCommerse for selling digital content and files. File content download is built right into the platform. 

Website builder with a blog and other neat features

Zyro blog settings

And yes, you can of course activate a blog on a Zyro website. 

When you start a new blog post it’s more visual to work with than in WordPress. You will work right on the page design itself. Similar to using Divi page builder. 

It’s simple to add featured images, categories, custom URLs, and such. 

Zyro also has something called AI writer which makes it quick and simple to add well-written AI text to add to a page. 

You chose a topic, select a category, and pick one of three types of paragraphs to add; About, personal bio, or description text. Which you can further edit and change. 

Besides this, you have obvious and useful elements like

  • Video block
  • Instagram feed
  • Contact form
  • Email subscription form 

These are common building blocks and integrations for typical websites. 

A simple and genius website service for Freelancers? 

Zyro domains

Since you still read through this article, I’m going to give you a quick and elegant Freelance business tip right now. 

You can set this up even as a beginner.  Or maybe you want an idea on how to expand your freelance business or work-from-home side hustle. Because Zyro is currently VERY AFFORDABLE.

Here’s how to create a simple website offer as a Freelancer:

  1. So sign up for the Zyro Unleashed plan. This way you have full access to all features. And you can host as many websites as you want.
  2. Create a website package and service for your clients. 
  3. Include a 1-year domain of choice (Invoice them again next year)
  4. Charge them $500 for building the website (Start with a template)
  5. Have them sign up for a monthly plan at $47 for you to maintain their content and updates. 

This is fast, simple, and has a ridiculous return on investment when you consider the cost of the Zyro Unleashed plan. 

For clients that would like to sell online, you simply activate the e-commerce add-on for each site that needs it.

If you just get ONE client on a monthly deal with you, you have covered the Zyro monthly cost. 

Just note that your Zyro account will only have one login, so it won’t be a platform where your clients can log in and edit. If that would be needed, I would just set up one Zyro account per client and share the login. 

Very often this is not needed anyway. I have worked for a lot of customers who don’t want to touch anything technical. So I handle everything. 

Don’t just sit there and stare! 

Get the Zyro Unleashed plan right here and get started making a side hustle!

Who is Zyro for and why choosing a simple website builder like this?

I help freelancers and people looking to work from home to make an income. Zyro could be a good solution to either include in your existing freelance business. Or like something you want to try out. 

Zyro is a simple website builder for personal and business use. But it’s also elegant and very productive. 

Unless you will be working on a more complex project with access to plugins, detailed design work, coding, and scripting. Zyro is perfect to base your next project on. 

Get a free account here and test out all features for free today.