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The Best WordPress Localhost App

The Best App for WordPress on your computer

I remember the first journey to Thailand with my girlfriend in 2019, I was looking forward to doing some creative website work on the plane down. I know the airliner, Norwegian, brag about having Wifi available. But it’s useless. So I installed a local server on my laptop. That sucked too. But I have finally found the best WordPress localhost app with a productive workflow to create websites without an Internet connection.

Hotspot monitor app for entrepreneurs

How to Limit Hotspot Data Usage While Working Happily On the Go

Many of us freelancers and Digital Nomads love to work remotely on our laptops. More often then not, we need to use our mobile phone 3G and 4G connection to get connected, which can be risky unless you know how to limit hotspot data usage or an app while working on the go.